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Occasional cleaning is a service that incorporates a spring cleaning or seasonal cleaning, or a general home refreshment. It’s great for clients, who wish to try out our cleaning services before they book a regular house cleaning. It’s also recommended before or after home celebrations, after-parties, and other events that would require a one-time cleanup. The service is tailored to the client’s needs and it is based on exact priorities. This means that the cleaners will comply with a list of tasks and requirements given by our clients. Occasional cleaning can address the entire property or can involve the cleaning of specific areas, depending on your preferences. The duration of the service is determined upon arrival and after the cleaning crew performs an inspection, hence, it depends on the workload. If you need your patio or deck cleaned as well, consider combining the one-off cleaning with our pressure cleaning.

Flexible booking: Schedule your regular housekeeping sessions the way you want.

Customizable service: The service is based on priorities, specific requirements, and tasks.

Personalized experience: The same housemaid will tend to your home chores each session.

Won’t have to worry about cleaning: Dedicate your free time to yourself and your loved ones, we will do the cleaning for you. An ideal solution for keeping your home clean at all times: With us, your home will always be perfectly clean and tidy.

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